Friday, September 12, 2008

A catch up....


Have had computer problems and bits and pieces happening, and I couldn't get on.

Tori and Shayla won their last 2 netball games. Both good games. The second last one, the score was 28 - 12 and Shayla got 15 goals. She played so well!! We had their windup at a rollerskating rink last Saturday. Kids had a ball, but 2 mums had their arms in slings and had to go to the hospital after! Tori has told me that one broke her wrist. Never fear, Bub and I didn't put the skates on :)

Vegie garden is going well. I have taken some photos, will try and upload over the weekend. I planted punnets in the new bed - chinese cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes (also in tyres), some chinese stir fry vegie, broccoli and cauliflower. All look good! The potatoes are absolutely booming!!

Chooks are going well in their new spot, all the grass is gone. Getting 3 eggs a day.

So...the electrician and plumber have been and disconnected everything in the kitchen. Charged me $130 all up, I was pretty happy with that. But....have now found out that the bricks I want to knock out, are a supporting wall! Bugger!! Jay is going to talk to Gil, and we will see what happens. The mini skip is here, we still have it for another week, but I don't like my chances now of knocking it out before then.

Tori has the flu. I stayed home with her on Monday and Tuesday, and now I have it as well. Shocking cough, body aches, head aches. I feel like I have been hit by a bus. Poor Tors has the school athletics carnival today and as she is faction captain, there is no way she is going to miss it.
Ok, that is all I can cope with now.

Not crash hot photos, but these are of the kids at the carnival in 2006.


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