Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's.....fig season!!

Finally, the figs are ripening up on the neighbours tree!! Which so conveniently hangs over my fence. And what is a girl to do but pick them?? And get the kids to climb up on the shed to pick more :)

This is what we picked off today.

And this is what I made with some of it....Microwave Fig Jam!

Really yummy!! I only kept 1 jar, I gave the other 2 away. :)


High school....

Tori started Year 8 at St Brigids on Tuesday. Here she is looking oh so happy!!!

She so did not want her photo taken :) And it turns out that this is the winter uniform and is only allowed to be worn in winter. DUH!!

Overall though, she doesn't mind going, so that is the main thing. We did have the schools 80th Anniversay Welcome Back Mass this afternoon. That was FUN!

She is off to camp tomorrow for 3 days. What will I do???


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