Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is Mum's dog Curtis, who was given to us when Mum moved to NZ.

Here he is having his bath yesterday. Doesn't he look like he is just loving it? NOT! He runs as soon as the tap is turned on, and Tori had to get him out from under my bed :)

These are some photos that Tori has taken of him. I just downloaded 196 photos off her camera and there must have been 100 taken of him. The little pink blanket she bought for him. It goes on the couch for him to lay on. Poor thing, if it is not embarressing enough to have a pink blanket, we have to wrap him up in it like a baby :)

This dog thinks he is human! He loves putting his head on a pillow, and here he is laying on my bed before I got to make it (or maybe it never got made that day, that's possible)


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