Monday, August 10, 2009

When life gives you lemons....

make lemon cordial!!!

A friend gave me a couple of bags of lemons, and then one of my bosses brought in 2x bags of the biggest lemons I have ever seen.

So after dinner Tori and I cut and juiced......

We added sugar and then simmered......

And ended up with 1 bottle of full strength lemon juice and 3 bottles of lemon cordial
I haven't even touched 2 bags of lemons and the bowl is spilling over..
I will juice some more and freeze it and then when I am getting more eggs will make up some lemon butter.
Speaking of eggs....we lost a chicken today.
Tori rang after she got home from school and the new next door neighbour's dog and jumped the fence and killed one. The dog was just sitting in the pen looking out. The chicken was dead on the ground, I think it maybe just shook it and broke its was pretty floppy.
So I dug a hole next to the passionfruit and buried it.
The neighbour came over and was very apologetic and offerred to pay for another one.
I am going to wait until after we get back from NZ and probably buy a couple of small chicks.

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