Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brody turned 17...

Where does the time go?

This picture was actually taken in October 2006, at the Royal Show we put on for the kids. Its really hard to take a picture of him now.

Brody turned 17 on Tuesday, 1st July. I remember that cute round faced little baby with black eyes and heaps of black hair. And I am not biased...but he was the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen :)...Still got the dark eyes and the black hair - although for years he kept on asking me if he could get blonde streaks, NOT! The face is still cute, but not round anymore.

Luckily for me he didn't want all of his friends over :). His girlfriend Jemma came over for dinner, along with Tracey, Tyla and her boyfriend Ben and Bub, Jay, Shayla and Willow. He requested KFC, much to my disgust ( I wanted to do a barbecue and have the outside fire going ), but in reality the KFC was easier :). Made up salads, with bread rolls and presto! Dinner! He also requested a black forrest cake, which I made that day and Bub brought over a cheesecake and topped it with warm berries.

I didn't get any photos though, really annoyed at that and Willow was disappointed that Brody didn't want candles and anyone to sing happy birthday. We should have just done it!

I haven't got copies any more of the baby photos scanned in, so will have to show them another time.

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