Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend roundup...

Nothing exciting this weekend....not that there ever is actually...but one can live in hope!

Tori and Shayla played netball again on Saturday. We didn't even bother finding out the score. I am such a shocking mother of the player watcher!! Honestly, I could slap every one of the girls they play against and god knows what I could do to the umpires. Smart little upstarts!! One of them came up to our team at quarter time and told them to watch their attitude, because she is giving up her time to umpire their game and didn't appreciate the girls being a little vocal about her shocking decisions!! The team they played against has won every game this year, but we did make them earn this win, anyway. Shame one of their girls didn't get injured...told you I was shocking :)

Sunday morning Bub and I went out to the Midland Markets again for fruit and veg. Got some more beautiful strawberries. Also got some asparagus. Really pissed off when I got home and realised it was from Thailand!! What the...! I thought everything for sale out there was at least grown in WA. Don't know if I want to go back now :(

When we got home I got into the garden. Weeded a bit out the front, and then some more in the back. We moved the chook pen, and cleaned out the chook house. A bit of the fence fell on 2 of the chooks, but they just shook their feathers and kept on their business. Thank god!

I dug up some strawberries and put in a hanging basket. Dug up 2 rosemary plants and some lemon thyme to give to a work colleague.

Pulled out some carrots too. Don't think I will be selling them very quickly!! But they are yummy! I grated one tonight for our fajitas, and it was really nice.

Don't laugh....

Karen came over with a bottle of red and her and Tiana (with her beer) gave me gardening advice and instructions!! Well then I had to open my bottle of red....Four bottles later.....

Tori and Shayla spent hours making an Olympic circuit for Willow for Sunday afternoon. Tori used her pocket money to make little lolly bags for them and made up medals. They had a ball :)

Beautiful weather all weekend, and I think another week of it, so hopefully will be able to do some more gardening during the week after work...fingers crossed.

And for those that's a photo of the fish. This is Tori's fish Goldy, unfortunately his 2 housemates died a couple of months ago. We also have a couple more in a bath tub out the back.



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Anonymous said...

The fish isn't big enough to eat yet! The carrots might look funny but I bet they taste good. Sounds like you have a great weekend every
week (except for the netball) Yeah, just might have to try some of that red.
Have a good week.
Cheers laminex

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