Friday, November 7, 2008

Has it been that long....

Since I posted? Can't believe it!

A very quick catchup, before I get ready for work.

Kitchen is out, what a drama that was! Had to get a builder in to support a beam in the roof, so that the feature crappy brick could be taken out. It was a builder that we use at work, and he took 3 weeks to get here, although telling me every couple of days that he was on his way! Anyway, then I had to get the ceiling fixed, along the wall where the brick came out and some of the wall repaired. All done now and looks good. Now some of the flooring has to be lengthened, because when you get cupboards built they don't make them to what size you want, they are all a standard 600mm deep! Some of that crappy brick wall came out 700mm (around the oven) and so that is where the floor had been laid. Have to check my excess sitting in the shed, to see if I need to buy more. Have got two quotes in the last couple of weeks, first one for $9200 and the second for $12000. These are both better than the $14000 Kitcraft quoted me back in January (does not include any appliances). I have passed on the design that I drew up to my old boss, Elizabeth (interior designer) and she gave me back a page full of changes!! So now she is drawing up what she thinks I should do. May not get that back until next week.

Kids are well, Brody is unemployed at the moment and not very interested in doing anything. He told me that he wanted to start doing some work on the Mazda that I gave him, so I drove it into the back yard. But him and his mates just seem to sit in it and smoke cigarettes!

Tori has just finished 2 weeks swimming lessons and passed both Level 7 and 8. Congratulations Torza!!! You clever girl :)

In the vegie garden - dug out a good pile of beautiful potatoes from the garden bed (still have the tyres to dig out), had to feed some cauliflowers to the chooks as they were no good (not sure if any of them will be ok), have planted some beetroot, have been picking brown onions when I need them (they are fantastic), still have some spring onions left, tomatoes are ripening up and pick a couple every couple of days (hundreds of plants coming up from where the chooks used to be), Tori tried a snow pea (won't be long til they are ready)

Ok, time to go. Sorry there are no photos, haven't had a chance to load them onto the computer. Will show some over the weekend :)


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