Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tori's graduation...

was on Monday night.

Both her and Shayla looked gorgeous!!!!You can't see her hair very well in the photo, but there was a cute diamonte hair clasp and I curled her hair.

The night started with the formal speeches and presentations, Tori's best friend Teisha got the Citizenship Award and Tori got the award for Best Faction Leader. Well done, girls!!

They finished off the night with some dances, including the Tango. All the kids came out on to the floor, in partners, with the boy holding a long stemmed rose. Then the boys bowed and presented the rose to the girl. So cute!!

I managed to have a dance with Tori and Jay did the daughter/father dance with her :)

This is her official Graduation Photo :)
It was a lovely night!!

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