Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New week....

So, carrying on from last weeks shop, which cost $128.82... I spent $9.35 grabbing some snacks to take to Kristy's Sat night (bit of a cheapskate aren't I), also took some eggs and pumpkin though :) and then went to a fruit and veg shop on Sunday with Kristy and Tori and bought a punnet of blueberries for $1.99 (they were so yummy!!!)....so grand total for Week One was $140.16!! Pretty good :) Fridge looks a little bare though :)

Menu for this week is:

Tues: pumpkin soup with damper
Wed: left overs (Tori is sleeping over at Kristys)
Thurs: Chicken Involtini and vegies
Fri: Nachos (Tori cooking)
Sat: Homemade hamburgers
Sun: Roast chicken and vegies
Mon: zucchini and haloumi fritters with salad

Mmmm, interesting week! I bought the damper today from WW, marked down to $1.49, and it must be 30cm across, it is huge!! The chicken Involtini things are thighs wrapped around something and with italian seasonings, they were 99c each, so I bought 5, that will easily do the three of us.

Todays shop cost $49.18 at WW and $17.50 at the fruit and veg shop, total $66.68. So still a bit left over. Didn't get any catalogues, so would still like to buy a few specials to put in freezer/pantry.

I have worked out tonights meal cost me:

Pumpkin - free
onion - free
2 x garlic cloves - .50c
chicken stock powder - .10c
pinch of sugar - .05c
sprinkle of nutmeg - .05c
1/8 cup milk - .05c
damper - $1.49
butter - .20c total $2.44 serves three - Impressive!!

Imagine if we ate that for a whole week :) Actually I probably could, especially if I saved heaps of money :)

Breakfasts for the week are porridge, toast and/or eggs, and weetbix. Tomorrow night I will cook up some tomatoes and onions for me to have on toast a couple of mornings.

Lunches for me are whatever is leftover, or I will take some tuna and crackers or bread. I always take a couple of bits of fruit. Brody helps himself during the day, and Tori is fed at daycare. Once she is back at school, I will need to plan lunches a bit more.

If I had the kitchen in, I would do more baking stuff, and different meals. At the moment I am picking easy cooking meals really.

Just because every post needs a photo, this is a bowl of cherry tomatoes I picked:


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Anonymous said...

Menu sounds yummy,I think you enjoy it more when some of the ingredients are grown by you. You wont know yourself when you get your kitchen.Good on you Tori for helping with the cooking. We need a caterer for the wedding.think you could handle it? Lots of love from NZ.

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