Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday afternoon...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year :)

Am doing some tidying up inside today, along with time on the computer. I am spending 30mins on computer and then 30mins cleaning and then back to 30mins on computer, then back to cleaning, blah blah blah :) Working a treat. Have done a load of washing (lounge room cushions and stuff), vacuumed through, tidied lounge and dining, in the process of the kitchen now, as such as the kitchen is!

Had to share my pumpkin though. I cut it yesterday, picked it probably a couple of weeks ago. And look how fantastic it looks. I just steamed it in the microwave, along with some of my potatoes, and had them with brocolli and peas and roast chicken for tea last night. Yummo!!

I picked another one a couple of days ago, and it looks like another will be ready in a few days (the plant has really died off). Both of these 2 aren't as big as the first one though.

On the garden front, I have planted some runner beans, some more spinach (the gorgeous red stemmed one) and some baby cucumbers.

Today, Tracey and I went out to the Armadale Growers Market, they only started up in Nov. Bought some lovely organic fruit and veg. and some apple juice! On the way back called through the Maddington Swap Meet, and managed to get a couple of rhubarb plants, some chocolate mint, a couple of pink flowering plants and an eggplant. Will get all of them planted tonight, when it is cooler.



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