Friday, April 17, 2009

One step forward.....two steps backward.....

The electrician and plumber came in next. Plumber connected the dishwasher and the tap.

All looked good for 24 hours. Then.....loaded up the dishwasher and it wouldn't go! and the end of the tap fell off .....

Went back to Ikea, and that tap is now deleted and none in stock. Had to pick another out.

Tiler came over (I was 5 tiles short and had to go and buy more.....and the glue the tile shop sold me wasn't good never ends does it?) Thought I had a photo of the tiling done, but don't, will load that over the weekend.

Then the electrician and plumber came back yesterday. Electrician fixed the front door light and connected all of the power points and the slideout rangehood. The plumber 'fixed' the dishwasher and connected the new tap. He didn't have the correct size tap spanner, and I had to run down to the hardware and buy one! There was no way I was letting him go without it getting connected. He had suggested that I go back to Ikea and pick out a different tap!! My dishwasher still had the first load of dishes sitting in it, he pressed start and left. 10 mins later I notice water on the floor coming out from under the sink cupboard next to the dishwasher!!! Rang the plumber, who told me to turn it all off and he will come out on Monday morn to have a look. Holy Shit, does it never end????? Don't know if it is coming from the tap connection or the dishwasher connection, so can't use either one now until he looks at it.

Enough of the bad stuff......did a bake up once the oven was installed.... jam drops.....carrot and date muffins.....ginger nuts.

Mum, enjoy your visitors :)


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